The key to success is access to the best tools and education available. It is important to us that cosmetology students have access to state of the art education tools, resources, and experts in the industry. While we believe in delivering the most professional experience possible, be don’t believe you should be in debt up to your eyeballs to obtain it. Being privately owned and operated by experienced stylists we have the freedom to build a program that remains affordable and accessible to students, while remaining cutting-edge.
IMPACT Cosmetology Academy does not participate in federal or state financial aid programs, but we do offer
financial aid payment plan options to make the program available to those wishing to attend.

Reduced Tuition! – IMPACT has extended our $5,000 scholarship for all students in 2017

Cosmetology Professional Program Costs

  • Tuition – $10,500 ($9,000 if paid up-front / bring your own private loan

    If a student pays tuition in full by the end of the program we do not charge any interest or finance charges.
  • Application – $100
  • Kit – $800 (bring your own smart-device)

Tuition covers your entire educational experience with IMPACT, licenses to digital education systems, work books, doll-heads, and materials.


Your education is an investment, and financial aid is available. We have carefully selected lending partners whose approach to financial aid matches our desire to see our students succeed after graduation. We understand that every student brings a different financial situation and may need to finance different amounts.

In House Financing – $10,500
Work with IMPACT’s in house financing to pay your tuition before graduating and your total tuition is $10,500.
Pay in full when you start class and we will give you a $1,500 discount!

TFC Financial Aid
If you are in need of financial aid on a budget, we can help. We have a partner who will allow you to make lower payments and continue to pay after you have graduated. TFC financial aid will include interest and finance charges.

Scholarships and Grants
We are a member of The American Association of Cosmetology Schools, which means as a student of IMPACT you are eligible to apply for scholarships and grants available only to AACS schools! Any scholarships or grants awarded will reduce your tuition owed.
Ask us more about financial aid.


Having the right tools is critical for learning any job, and this is especially true in cosmetology! Our cosmetology kit includes everything a cosmetologist needs to get started on the right foot, from practice doll heads to professional grade styling tools and shears. Your kit is a building block that will last a lifetime.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
IMPACT is leading on the cutting edge of cosmetology education by partnering with Pivot Point LAB. This platform provides students with digital learning materials that also keep track of your assignments and theory work for you. Students are expected to provide their own mobile device to participate in digital education. If you don’t have a suitable tablet, IMPACT can recommended affordable devices.

*Other costs may include voluntary participation in photo-shoots, trade show entrance fees and travel costs, etc…