2018 Financial Aid

Looking for financial aid to help pay for beauty school? A personal loan may be the option you are looking for.  IMPACT Cosmetology Academy gives tuition discounts to anyone who is able to bring their own private loan to cover financial aid. Private students loans are used by over one million students each year. Why? Well, the

The Cost of Doing Business

Are you a salon employee? Did you know that product used during services is considered a “cost of doing business” expense for the salon – and they are expected to absorb those expenses (not the stylist)? Office workers don’t pay for the office supplies they use to do their jobs, since the supplies are required

Student Kit

What’s in that shiny silver case???  Your student kit is packed with all of the tools you’d expect – plus a few you wouldn’t think of!  We are committed to providing the best tools, and these are sure to last you well past your time at IMPACT.  Hattori Hanzo shears come with a lifetime warranty,

Cosmetology Industry’s Rock Solid Future

At any college fair you will hear from any number of people how and why you should choose this direction, that school, some industry, etc. What if you followed your heart and were able to do something you loved, and didn’t have to live the life of a starving artist to do it? To some, the

IMPACT – Approach to Financial Aid

One of the most common questions we get is “Do you take federal student aid?” The answer is “No.” And here is part of the reason why. “Trade school closes after federal student aid fraud case” “School closes doors after federal student aid investigation” “Beauty school students stuck with $70,000 in student debt scandal” Unfortunately, these

Financial Aid Partners

Your education is an investment, and financial aid is available for those who qualify. We have carefully selected lending partners whose approach to financial aid matches our desire to see our students succeed after graduation. We understand that every student brings a different financial situation and may need to finance different amounts. Contact one of

Impact Cosmetology Summer School Concert!

Impact Cosmetology Academy located in Fort Wayne Indiana will be sponsoring an end of school summer concert!  Join us this Friday May 20th at 7 p.m. at Jefferson Pointe where national recording artists BEFORE YOU EXIT will perform a free concert!  Entrance is free when you donate a free food item to Community Harvest Food Bank. Also, this

BEFORE YOU EXIT – Summer Concert

IMPACT Cosmetology Academy is please to partner with HOT 107.9 and Community Harvest Food-Bank to help you kick off summer in style with a FREE concert from BEFORE YOU EXIT. The concert is Free when you bring a food item to donate – May 26th @ 7pm – Jefferson Point Enter to win VIP /

Official Press Release

NEW COSTMETOLOGY SCHOOL OPENING IN FORT WAYNE Fort Wayne, Ind., March 8, 2016 – Impact Cosmetology Academy, a new cosmetology school, will be opening in Fort Wayne and is accepting applications for students. “The new school promises to teach more than just the basics,” said Academy owner Macy Augustus. “We’re cultivating individuals to be prepared