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One of the most common questions we get is “Do you take federal student aid?”
The answer is “No.” And here is part of the reason why.

  "Trade school closes after federal student aid fraud case"
  "School closes doors after federal student aid investigation"
  "Beauty school students stuck with $70,000 in student debt scandal"

Unfortunately, these have become common headlines across the country. As a privately owned facility, IMPACT is institutionally independent, leaving us free to maintain our community-minded values and keeping our students closely connected to their financial arrangements.  Federal Student Aid would require IMPACT to be the “middle man”.  As federal laws change and become more complex, more and more students have no idea what they are signing, never even see paper work, and are stuck with massive debt they will spend a lifetime repaying.

My first job in Fort Wayne was as an Asset Management Consultant for Lincoln Financial, since then I have spent most of my career as a Finance Business Analyst. Personal financial responsibility is something I evangelize constantly.  We believe in only taking on debt when you must, and choosing the right lending options, for the right reasons. By providing students with a private financial aid option, we are putting financial control in the hands of the students and their families.

We have carefully interviewed and chosen private lending partners whose approach to financial aid matches our own.
Click here for more info on our financial aid partners.
Our financial aid partners give total control to students, and provide outstanding lending terms that are comparable to federal student aid, such as payments that begin after you have graduated.

Our advice to students, of any school/program:

  • Do not borrow more than what you absolutely need to
  • Know exactly how much you are borrowing
  • Know exactly WHAT that money is going toward
  • Know exactly what the payment terms are
  • DO NOT sign anything until you fully understand it all!

When you take the time to understand and plan carefully, you build a foundation that will ensure your financial future.  Be responsible with your future.



Owner, Director of Business Development

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