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While sitting around watching re-run’s of The Office we often get to talking about our memories of when different episodes aired, what was going on in our lives – I know… NERDS. Three of our four kids were born while The Office was on. During one episode they are talking about how they have been waiting for a balloon in the warehouse to come down for ten years. We thought about where we were ten years ago!
We were living in Provo Utah (south of Salt Lake City), in debt up to our eyeballs, both in our last year of school before graduating; Macy from Paul Mitchell The School, and Brent with his Bachelors in Business. We were ready to start the next chapter in our lives, but many things – like having kids and moving, seemed like bad timing.  Yet that same year we decided to do something big – we got pregnant, and decided to move to Fort Wayne Indiana!
They were the best decisions we ever made.

Paul Mitchell The School was a life changing experience for both of us. They didn’t just make an impact on the students, they made an impact on the community. Since our graduations we have frequently talked about the possibility of opening a school in Fort Wayne, but the timing was never right. We realized that there is never a “good time” to make a huge change in your life… There is only the time you choose to do it, or the times you did not. Sometimes you just have to do something big and see where it takes you. Enter IMPACT Cosmetology Academy.

Finally, after years of planning, we have the chance to embark on this new chapter. IMPACT Cosmetology Academy will be the premier cosmetology learning center in Fort Wayne, and North East Indiana. We will give our students an exceptional learning experience, partnered with business skills, and a family like community!

We are excited and can’t wait to get started!
Dream big, and don’t don’t wait another day to start the path to the new you!

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